There’s nothing better than relaxing by your own perfect new pool…

There’s nothing better than relaxing by your own perfect new pool…

what is rainbow quartz?

When one of Perth’s most experienced pool builders first formulated our product in 1990’s, it was evident that it would become extremely popular. With its ability to withstand a great amount of pressure, sunlight and harsh weather conditions, Rainbow Quartz was specifically designed for Western Australian homes. As a family owned and operated business, it has always been our aim to provide a high quality product and an excellent value for money.

Produced with a unique mix of locally quarried quartz aggregates and colouring techniques, Rainbow Quartz pre-mixed pool plaster is a consistent, durable and very affordable high quality product. It is manufactured in Perth, using locally sourced raw materials. Many years of development and research have gone into creating this product, and we are always innovating, improving and developing our range.

We are currently working on a product that has a high content of recycled material.

It is easy to understand why Rainbow Quartz is the recommended choice for quality pool restorations. With the largest range of pre-mixed colours, a long lasting durability and decades of experience behind us, our product is the gold standard for pool owners and builders alike.

Rainbow Quartz is a member of the Swimming Pool and Spa Association of Western Australia.