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Transform your tired old pool into something stylish and trendy with the right finish. This is a highly effective way of making your pool look brand new. Compared to alternative materials, Rainbow Quartz is cost effective and will last you for many years. Resurfacing your pool will make the colours stand out, make your pool more of a feature, and add value to your home. Contact Rainbow Quartz in Perth for a wide range of colours for your pool.

Our Colour Range


Pool Renovations


Pool resurfacing and care


Our plaster colours

Browsing through images of newly plastered swimming pools can help you decide on a swimming pool colour for your pool. It’s important that you choose a colour that enhances the architecture and style of your home; the colour of your pool can have an amazing effect on the overall look and feel of your garden or backyard.

Browse our picture gallery and you will start to understand the interesting ways that our brains register colour. For instance, the same colour may look different in two different swimming pools or even in pictures of the same pool, taken from different angles. Other factors which change your colour perception, include water depth, steps and swim ledges, sunlight, shadows, surface ripples from the wind, your viewing angle and the general surroundings of the swimming pool.

What we do

We offer high-quality quartz pool plaster in a variety of beautiful colours. Rainbow Quartz is a preferred interior finish for concrete pools in Western Australia, whether your pool is a new build or a renovation project. Pool owners love the look and feel, and pool builders and plasterers appreciate the product’s ‘workability’ and finishing characteristics. You will love the ‘value for money’ that this locally manufactured product offers. Reimagine your pool today.

Pool plaster supplies Perth

Make a statement with your concrete pool renovation by finishing it in Rainbow Quartz, giving it a sophisticated colour and smooth texture. We manufacture a range of coloured renders, used for the interior lining of concrete pools. The product is colour coated, blended and packaged at our Wangara factory, and then mixed with pure white Danish cement onsite, before being applied to the pool surface by highly skilled tradesmen.

We supply only the products, but will happily connect you to approved pool plasterers and concrete pool renovators to ensure that you get the right advice, the best service and a stunning looking pool. More than 99% of the ingredients we use are sourced locally from around the Perth region, while all specialised colouring processes are carried out at our factory.

When it comes to quartz pool plaster, we offer an extensive range of colours which you and your architect or consultant will love. We are particularly proud of our quality manufacturing processes, and your builder/pool plasterer will appreciate the product’s easy-to-work with characteristics.

Our Colour Range

Is your concrete swimming pool looking a little old and dull? You can easily modernise your concrete swimming pool by resurfacing it with a fresh and vibrant colour. Our fade resistant and durable plaster comes in a range of beautiful pool colours to choose from.

Pool Renovations

We have many years of experience in concrete pool renovation and care, so older concrete pools can easily get a new lease of life with our renovation options. From basic pool resurfacing and new mosaics to changing the shape or adding a lighting system, we can help you revitalise your concrete pool.

Pool Resurfacing and Care

With our easy to apply pool plaster, resurfacing your pool is not only quick and affordable but the new surface will be beautiful, durable and long lasting. Pool resurfacing can add value to your property and considerably lengthen the life of your pool.

How coloured quartz render is applied

Applying a quartz pool finish to your concrete swimming pool is a skilled process that should only be undertaken by experienced applicators. It is not considered a DIY job. Meticulous preparation is essential for a quality job and the product should only be applied using accepted principles and procedures of cement rendering as practised by the professionals. The result will not only look fantastic but should last for many years. See our pool care guidelines to ensure your pools longevity.

We will supply 18kg ‘job ready’ bags, which the pool plasterer will then mix with fresh pure white cement, adding water in the required ratio. The mixing can be done poolside in standard cement mixers, or pumped through hoses from a truck-mounted mixer. The mix is trowelled by hand to the entire interior surface of the pool. As the Rainbow Quartz begins to harden, the plasterers will hand trowel for a second, then the third pass over the interior, until they have achieved a very smooth finish.

Why use Rainbow Quartz pool plaster

  • Huge selection of colours
  • Ease of use. We supply the product ready to mix, your plasterer does the rest
  • 100% made in Perth, WA
  • Highly recommended by plasterers and swimming pool builders

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