Revitalise Your Pool With a Fresh New Colour

Let’s face it, an old pool that needs work looks scrappy. Why not turn it into the oasis that it wants to be?

Rainbow Quartz can revitalise your pool with a selection of colour applications that will not only modernise your swimming pool but harmonise your entire garden, patio and house.

Choosing Pool Colours

When it comes to choosing a colour scheme, Rainbow Quartz has you covered. With many years of experience in resurfacing pools, we can offer expert advice on pool colour trends and how best to go ahead with your resurfacing. We’ve advised many satisfied customers about what to consider when resurfacing and, more importantly, choosing a new pool colour. When looking at swimming pool colours, it’s important to consider the various factors before deciding on your quartz finish or pool tile.

The shape and size of your pool, the placement and number of steps, and even the depth of the pool water all have an impact on how the colour responds once it’s been applied. It’s also important to remember that after resurfacing with a new swimming pool colour, the perception of the colour will change when it’s viewed from different angles and even as the light changes throughout the day. A dark blue pool, for example, might appear even darker when it’s overcast.

Pool Renovations

Resurfacing isn’t something you want to have to redo too frequently, so choosing the right colour first time around is essential. Our expert team will assist you by ensuring that the styling of your pool works with the surrounding patio or garden, as well as with the architecture and colour of the house. If your pool requires resurfacing or renovating, but you’re not sure where to start, get in touch, and we‘ll guide you throughout the project with advice on colours and finishes. We also suggest taking a look at our gallery page as this will help you understand how the colour changes when viewed through water and how it interacts with features around the pool, such as paving or foliage.

High-Quality Finishing

At Rainbow Quartz, we’re all about helping our clients find the right colour for their pool. We use our vast experience and expertise to ensure that all considerations are met, ensuring you’re happy with the result. The colour pigments we use, achieve the highest possible rating for acid resistance, alkali resistance, light fastness and weather fastness, so you don’t need to worry about the colour fading over time. Your pool interior will be both beautiful and durable for many years to come.

Contact Us Today

View our gallery for some ideas, and if you’re still unsure, find out which concrete swimming pool colours will best suit your home’s design and layout directly from the owners. Give us a call on (08) 9303 2443 now or complete our online contact form and we’ll get back to you.